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Over 18 years old and looking for the thrill of a competitive race?
Come and join others in the SuperPro Series, which takes place monthly on the circuits 'Super Saturday'.

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SuperPro Sprint Series Summer Cup 2024

  • 12pm arrival
  • Race entry: £75pp
  • Round 1: Saturday 6th April - Completed
  • Round 2: Saturday 4th May - Completed
  • Round 3: Saturday 1st June - Completed
  • Round 4: Saturday 6th July - Completed
  • Round 5: Saturday 3rd August | Bookings open Sun 7th July | Bookings close Fri 2nd Aug
  • Round 6: Saturday 7th September | Bookings open Sun 4th Aug | Bookings close Fri 6rd Sep
  • Round 7: Saturday 5th October | Bookings open Sun 8th Sep | Bookings close Fri 4th Oct
  • Round 8: Saturday 2nd November | Bookings open Sun 6th Oct | Bookings close Fri 1st Nov
  • Please note that booking closes the day before the event at 12pm.

3 x 10 minute races with 3 lap practice/ qualifying before each race

8 rounds - Points are awarded at each race
7 out of 8 rounds to count towards championship total
Trophies will be awarded for each round
All races are streamed live

Race results and Championship standings can be found at

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SuperPro Sprint Series Basic Championship Details


Silverstone - Under 75g
Monza - Between 75kg to 90kg
Fiji - Over 90kg


The summer championship consist of 8 rounds. Out of which points from your highest scoring 7 rounds will be counted towards the championship.


Drivers from both classes compete in 3 heats each, and earn points for each heat. Before each heat there will be a practice session which will determine the starting grid for that race. For each race drivers will be assigned a different kart.

At the end of the round the points are merged together and drivers separated into their classes and will earn championship points and trophies in their respective classes.

Point system


From first to last
25pts, 23pts, 22pts, 21pts, 20pts, 19pts, 18pts

In case of a tiebreak in a class the first tiebreaker is drivers highest finishing position. If drivers have finished in the same positions it will go to the second tiebreak which is their fastest lap set during any of their races.


From first to last
50pts, 45pts, 43pts, 41pts, 39pts, 37pts, 35pts, 33pts, 31pts, 29pts, 27pts, 25pts, 23pts, 21pts, 19pts etc