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BM Graduate Training Programme

Exisiting Bayford drivers who are aged 14 - 18 years are invited to attend the BM Graduates programme, using the SuperPro 270 karts. This stepping stone allows drivers to enhance their racing skills further in a fun and friendly environment and take part in the circuits 'Super Saturday' Graduate monthly championship.

Coaching Sessions

BM also organises a monthly coaching session for graduate drivers. Each session provides drivers with 3 x 10 minute runs. Bayford's dedicated driver coaches are always on hand to give graduates advice and instructions and help them improve their performance. We use Alpha Timing System providing detailed printouts of all their laptimes.

270 Coaching session dates

  • £65pp
  • Sunday 23rd June 2:45pm arrival
  • Wednesday 17th July 7:15pm arrival
  • Sunday 28th July 2:45pm arrival
  • Wednesday 14th August 7:15pm arrival
  • Sunday 25th August 2:45pm arrival
  • Wednesday 11th September 7:15pm arrival
  • Sunday 22nd September 2:45pm arrival
  • Sunday 13th October 2:45pm arrival
  • Wednesday 16th October 7:15pm arrival
  • Sunday 24th November 2:45pm arrival
  • Saturday 28th December 11:15am arrival

All Coaching sessions are provided with advice, guidance and debriefing. 



Our monthly 'Graduate Race' enables drivers to test their improving skills. They take part in a 3 x 10 minute races with 3 lap practice/ qualifying before each race. Trophies are awarded to the top drivers as they earn points  towards an overall 'Graduates Championship' that runs throughout the year. As always, our goal is not simply for drivers to have a competitive race but for them to maintain a high standard of racecraft both on and off the circuit. Our experienced driver coaches are always on hand to give driving advice to all competitors.

Graduates Summer Cup 2024

  • 2pm arrival
  • Race entry: £75pp
  • Round 1: Saturday 6th April - Completed
  • Round 2: Saturday 4th May - Completed
  • Round 3: Saturday 1st June - Completed
  • Round 4: Saturday 6th July | Bookings open Sun 2nd June | Bookings close Fri 5th July
  • Round 5: Saturday 3rd August | Bookings open Sun 7th July | Bookings close Fri 2nd Aug
  • Round 6: Saturday 7th September | Bookings open Sun 4th Aug | Bookings close Fri 6rd Sep
  • Round 7: Saturday 5th October | Bookings open Sun 8th Sep | Bookings close Fri 4th Oct
  • Round 8: Saturday 2nd November | Bookings open Sun 6th Oct | Bookings close Fri 1st Nov
  • Please note that booking closes the day before the event at 12pm.

8 rounds - Points are awarded at each round
7 out of 8 rounds to count towards championship total
One off entries welcome
Trophies will be awarded for each round
All races live streamed

Race results and Championship standings can be found at