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Safety Equipment at Bayford Meadows

Your safety is very important to us and to ensure your karting experience is as safe as it can be, all drivers will be provided with the correct equipment and undergo an event and safety briefing by our Race Director before being allowed out onto the track to enjoy the thrill of karting at Bayford Meadows.

Safety Wear:

  • Crash Helmet
  • Racesuit
  • Gloves
  • (All sanitised and individually packaged where possible)

If required, during extreme wet weather, we can also provide wet suits.


Sensible shoes that cover the whole foot must be worn. For example, no sandals/open toed shoes/ballet pumps/high heels will be allowed. You will be unable to take part if you are not wearing appropriate footwear.

Recommended Clothing:

Drivers should dress appropriately for the experience; for example, a pair of jeans, a jumper and trainers. Hooded tops and scarves are not permitted to be worn whilst driving.

Safety Briefing:

Whether it is your first trip to Bayford Meadows or you are a regular visitor, every driver must attend the event and safety briefing before taking to the circuit. The briefing, given by a National Karting Association trained Race Director, will describe the format of your specific event and include the following topics:

  • operation of the kart
  • flags/signals in use and what they mean
  • which way to go around the circuit
  • how to enter and exit the pit area
  • what to do if you have a problem
  • general circuit safety and driving

Alcohol Policy:

Alcohol MUST NOT be consumed prior to or during an event. Please respect this requirement for your own safety and that of our staff. You risk your event being cancelled or stopped if not!